Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Steamboat Willie has a question he just sent out to a mailninglist. Who is the artist and what is the original name to this comic?
The page from wich this panel is taken was published in Sweden late 1966. Unsigned. The swedish name of the comic is "Marianne".
Anyone who knows?

[Edit: Check the comments below for Fortunatos answer!]


-= Steamboat Willie =- said...

The swedish description also states that "Marianne got a job as a private secretary for an english (british) author".

And then this episode goes on to describe how this author makes marianne dance with a stranger, a somewhat gloomy young man they find in a bar to find out who he is and his secret.

The panel above is depicting Marianne and her Employer.

.. hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

I think it's "13, rue de l'Espoir" by Jacques et François Gall (story) and Paul Gillon (art).
A French strip publisched on newspaper "France-Soir" from 1959 to 1972.
The original name of the girl is Françoise.


-= Steamboat Willie =- said...

Anonymous you are absolutely right! Of course it is! Thank you very much!