Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Russell Patterson

I'm in Russell Patterson mode today, so why not share some random scans that I've collected. For those of you who hasn't seen a photo of the man before here's one. Posing with a model, as usual... :)

These are just taken from eBay. Some day I'll make better scans of other pics from magazines I've got, and post them here. But these will do for now. If you like his art I'm sure these small pics are better than nothing. For me every piece of new Patterson art I see is a treasure found. And there are plenty of it. Anyway: Enjoy!

This is just to wet your appetite for the book TOPHATS AND FLAPPERS: The Art of Russell Patterson from Fantagraphics Books.
184 pages. Hardcover!
A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful book!
Available from Bud Plant for only $19.95! Go get it! It's worth every cent.

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