Thursday, 19 July 2007

Mr Perfect + Camel girl

I've been digging deep into that stack of old magazines I got recently. And today I've decided not to post anything art related at all. Just two photos that I like.
First out is Margaret McConnell, the 1933 Camel ad girl!

Beautiful composition and pose. Back in the 30's they knew how to make really good publicity shots! In a perfect world all photos would be black and white, printed in sepia tones...

And I know the demand for more swimsuit pictures is high, so here we have John David Horsley, 25, six-feet-two, who was selected "the perfect man", following a poll of 5000 women in 1934.
Satisfied now, guys?


Fredrik said...

John David Horsley will be my role model for beach 2008

Anonymous said...

Pubicity shots? If I were you I'd correct that spelling :-)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Ha, ha! Done! Thanks for pointing that out.