Monday 13 August 2007

The greatest cartoonist of all time

Who's the funniest cartoonist on earth?
My vote goes to Kyle Baker. I've read a lot of his graphic novels and his cartoon collections, but it was a while ago and I really hasn't been catching up what he's been doing the past year or two.
But... I just found his website and was reminded of how great, great, great this guy is.
Man, he can draw like the devil! Big foot cartoons or realistic drama, you name it, he can do it.

He can even draw cute little kittens. Kawaii!!!

So do yourself a favor and follow the link under "Artists - International" to the right.
There are even a bunch of funny cartoons on his site. :)

Also: make sure to check out his many blogs! Especially his "Funny Cartoon of the Week" where I found the cartoon that began this post.

I'm having a terrible headache this evening so that T. S. Sullivant art from a 1925 issue of Life I planned to scan will have to wait until tomorrow. :) See ya then!

Before going to bed, make sure that you have checked out Chris Sanders new website!
He's another of those multi-talented guys in the biz that I hate just because they are so talented.
Links under "Artists - International" to the right. Be prepared for a cuteness shock!


-= Steamboat Willie =- said...

If you say "of all time" i would cast my vote for Ernie Bushmiller... He could do everything too, and he could surprise you even after several years... Propably the greatest of all time IMHO. But the title would propably go to Charles M. Schulz. It's hard to beat that man, even though he did only one strip, he did it so well. .. and let's not forget André Franquin. He did several world-wide popular comics and he did work in just about every genre and style imaginable. Ozamu Tezuka is another example of a man little known outside his native country, but with a staggering and impressive depth, width and humor.

Among the living I would propably vote for Watterson... Among the still active.. well.. Kyle Baker is a good choice right today or perhaps Risu Akizuki, she's damn funny even though I don't know anything about her versatility.

But, well.. I can also say a few italian and belgian creators that are as good as Baker when it comes to the art... and perhaps one or two that is almost as funny...

Anonymous said...

Carl Barks! Or.. hm... maybe Milton Caniff? ;) Anyway, I love that kitten-picture!

-= Steamboat Willie =- said...

... men snabbast måste vara Sergio Aragonés! :-)

Jag udnrar vem som skulle vinna i en hastighetstävling mellan Windsor McKay, Ub Iwerks och Sergio Argonés... :-D

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'd call Baker the funniest cartoonist, but he's a fabulous artist and his writing is stunning. My favorite Baker TPB, Cowboy Wally, is definitely on my list of grandest graphical novels of all time, primarily due to the language and interaction between text and panels.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

I might add that the header for this post "The Greatest Cartoonist of all Time" is what Kyle calls himself.
And who am I to question the greatst cartoonist of all time? :)

Patsy, I love you ;)