Friday 24 August 2007

Pinocchio model sheets

Over the next few days I'll post several model-sheets from the Disney studios ranging from the late 30's to the late 70's.
I hope you'll like them. (And spread the word if you do.)
If you know who the artists are or if you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear from you. Just leave a comment.
Or if you have other unpublished model sheets from Disney that you want to share, I'd be happy to put them on the blog.

First out are two model-sheets from Pinocchio. The first OK'd by Joe Grant on 2-20(?)-39 and the other OK'd by ? on 4-7-39.
Have these been published? (Unfortunately I don't have the thick Pinocchio hardcover, so they might have been used there.)

Click on the "Disney" label below or scroll down to find a previous entry with two model-sheets from Fantasia.

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