Wednesday 15 August 2007

Seq. 10.2 2004 Hippos

Taking a break in work with a big cup of coffee. Have just lettered the new Emma & Sara page and handed it over to Hedvig for pencilling five minutes ago. With her working speed I wouldn't be surprised if the page is finished when I have finished my coffee...

For todays post I had planned to show you some rare artwork by Heinrich Kley taken both from original art and photos there of. But that will have to wait for a while. Because... this morning we were going through one of my files when we found a stack of Disney model-sheets ranging from the 30's to the 70's. From Fantasia and Pinocchio to Fox and the Hound. So, for todays post I instead of Heinrich Kley artwork selected these two model-sheets from Fantasia.
You can see that the artist behind these sheets had studied Kleys work.
Giving a Hippo all that grace we see in these drawings takes a skilled artist. Beautiful, eh?

For those unfamilar with Kleys work there's a great site featuring his sketchbooks: Coconino World
Images#1 and 8 also features good selections of rare pieces. Those are must haves for the Kley fan! Available directly from the publisher and Bud

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful hippos! But I would like to see more artwork by Mel Graff.