Friday 17 August 2007

More Hedvig artwork

If you have followed this blog from the start you know that one of the artists here in the Studio is the talented Hedvig.
It's been a while since I featured some new art by her (if you don't count the post earlier today...) so I think it's time to post some more.

She's currently finishing the final pages of artwork for a new Bamse story that will appear early next year and a cover for Bamses äventyr #12. But if you want to catch some of her Bamse artwork and can't wait until next year, you should buy BAMSE 12 2007, wich is out any day now. That issues lead/cover story features her artwork.
Inbetween her Bamse work she's also pencilling Emma & Sara and working on her new sketchbook.
(The first one is all SOLD OUT. Good luck finding one on eBay. Don't be surprised if you have to fork up $30-40...)

But until Sketchbook #2 is finished here are some stuff I found on her desk and on her hard drive. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I love the fluidity in these drawings.

I have to be honest, though, I am not a collector of comics or graphics (although I've always enjoyed them), so I react to illustrations very emotionally without benefit of background, history, etc. I recently went to Stockholm and kept seeing the Bamse characters around and really fell in love. I came across a comics shop and purchased an issue to bring home. I wished I had picked a couple more up. I may not understand Swedish but I really love this group of characters just by seeing them come to life in the illutrations. Good to come across your blog!!