Tuesday 14 August 2007

More Sullivant! :)

T. S. Sullivant... Do I have to say more?
I'll just let these two gags talk for themselves.
Both are taken from Life March 26, 1925, the year before Sullivant passed away.

BTW: Anyone who knows if Andreas Deja is still working on the Sullivant inspired animation he once mentioned? I'm really curious to see it...

As a bonus here is the cover and an interior page by Charles Dana Gibson, one of Life's most famous illustrators. (He might even have owned Life by 1925. I'm not sure.)
I hope you like them as much as I do! (The last illo should really be seen in high resoulution so you could see all his lines close up. Magnificent penwork!)

Some John Held Jr, Inwood and fgc artwork in the same issue.
Can be scanned if anyone's interested.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joakim,
Andreas Deja here.
Thanks for posting the Sullivants.
There are no words to describe his genius.
I've been developing three different short film ideas, all would borrow from Sullivant's world. So much fun !!

I like your blogg.

Best Andreas

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Great to hear that you still are working on them! Sullivants designs just screeeeams out to be animated.
And now you have made me even more eager to see your animation on them. :)

Thanks for the compliment!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see more John Held Jr's work. Great blog!