Saturday 4 August 2007

Nerd heaven!

I'm in nerd heaven. :)
Have spent way too many hours the past days going through looking for obscure items and strips.
And today I struck gold! Just look at these samples.
Vintage Adventures of Patsy by Mel Graff and Scorchy Smith by Frank Robbins looking better than on any previous microfilm I've seen.

And remember, these samples has been reduced a lot from the original files for this blog. The original files can be printed with good results. :)
They are taken from the Moberly Monitor-Index. They ran the strips large and the microfilm quality is as good as it can be. I've only downloaded pages from the late 30's/ early 40's but they might be a good scource for earlier/later stuff too. Yummy!
(Told ya I was a nerd...)

This blog will be down until monday August 13.
See you around then!


PS. The original art to the first panel of the Patsy strip was given away by Graff to Charlie Roberts in 1974. I was happy to buy it from him a few years ago, and it's still my favorite piece of Graff art in my collection. :)


joan benavent said...

El Scorchy Smith de Robbins was excelent work. Se publicó en una revista argentina de pulso semanal en los aós ´40. Después la siguió Rodlow Williard. Seguidamente el mediocre Edmond Good. Ahí se detuvo su publición. Prefiero la versión de Sieckles, luego la de Robbins, y en tercer lugar la del aviador fallecido en combates del Pacífico, pilotando un caza de los Flyng Tigers (que continuó cronológicamente a Sieckles imitando su estilo, mientras dibujaba "The Sandman" para los comic books de la National Periódical).

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

The Flying Tigers guy was Bert Christman. An artist that just got better and better until he left he drawing board for air combat...